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Dental Bridges & Crowns in Spokane, Washington

Bryan D. Anderson DDS offers a variety preventive dental procedures and dental reconstruction services. We even offer same day crowns for those emergency situations. In addition to having a fully certified staff, we provide patients with a relaxed and accommodating atmosphere so we can make this as enjoyable as possible. Bryan D. Anderson DDS and his staff works very closely with each patient so we can have a better understanding of their specific needs in order to come up with the perfect dental solution.

Close-up of woman having her teeth examined  - Family Dentistry in Spokane WA
Repairing teeth  - Family Dentistry in Spokane WA

Our Procedures include:

• Dental Bonding
• Dental Cleaning
• Extractions
• Fillings
• Reconstruction
• Root Canal
• Emergency Services
• Bridges
• Whitening
• Same Day Crown
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